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Applications for Norwegian Pioneer Certificates

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Only one pioneer/pioneer couple per application. 


Norwegian Pioneer Certificates make great gifts for birthdays, baptisms, Christmas, and other holidays.  You can order additional certificates for a pioneer by submitting the names of other direct descendant family members on the same application.

Proof of the line of descent is required for each family member, but only one copy of documents supporting shared ancestry are required with the application. For example, applicant James Smith might provide the following proofs:


Norwegian Pioneer Ancestor  Ole Olson

Child of the Pioneer   Lars Olson

Grandchild of Pioneer  Knud Olson

Great-grandchild of Pioneer Mary Olson

Great-great grandchild of Pioneer James Smith


James decides to purchase certificates for his sister Sara and brother Dylan. Pioneer Ole through their mother Mary are common ancestors, so the only additional proof James must supply is something that documents that Sara and Dylan are Mary Olson Smith's children.


Additional Certificate: Sara Smith

  • Her engagement announcement from the local paper indicates that she is the daughter of John and Mary Smith.  The name of the newspaper, date of publication, and page number should be visible/written on the photocopy of the article.    

Additional Certificate: Dylan Smith

  • James obtains a copy of Dylan's confirmation record from the local church. This shows that Dylan is the son of John and Mary Smith.

Because applications for the additional certificates are included with James' application, the cost for each is just $9.  James writes a check for $28 and includes it with his application:

$10.00 for James' certificate

   9.00 for Sara's certificate

   9.00 for Dylan's certificate

When the application is approved, all three certificates will be mailed to James.

Once a year, all application materials received and processed by NSPP are forwarded to the Norwegian-American Genealogical Center - Naeseth Library in Madison, Wisconsin, where they will be permanently maintained and available for genealogical research.  We encourage you to include any family information that you feel would be of interest and value to future researchers with your application.

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