MN 150Norwegian Statehood Pioneer Project
Celebrating Minnesota's Sesquicentennial

History of  the Pioneer Project

  Sesquicentennial Recognition Program

Click for a larger image in a new windowDuring Minnesota's Sesquicentennial in 2008, the pioneer recognition program allowed proud descendants to order either a plaque or a certificate to honor their Minnesota Norwegian Pioneer. Over 450 descendants of Statehood Pioneers and Century Pioneers used the opportunity to honor their Norwegian ancestors during the Sesquicentennial.

Norwegian Statehood Pioneers were among the approximately 5,000 Norwegians who lived in Minnesota when it became a state.  Qualified applicants received a cherrywood plaque in Minnesota's distinctive shape bearing the name of the pioneer ancestor and an official Minnesota Sesquicentennial medallion. A small certificate was included that listed both the pioneer and the applicant descendant, with the official NSPP seal attached.

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Norwegian Century Pioneers lived in Minnesota before 1908.  Much of Minnesota wasn't open for settlement until after it achieved statehood, and the great waves of Norwegians arrived beginning in the 1860's. These pioneers were honored with a certificate bearing the pioneer's name, location, and documented year of residence along with the name of the applicant/descendant.  A gold-leaf border outlined the cream-colored certificate, and the official NSPP seal was attached.




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