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Honoring our Norwegian Pioneer Ancestors.....

The Norwegian Statehood Pioneer Project was organized to recognize Minnesota's Norwegian Pioneers during its Sesquicentennial in 2008.  The results of those activities were gathered into a "Heritage Book" that includes stories and biographies of the pioneers, and a recap of the Sesquicentennial Celebration held in Rochester on October 18, 2008. 

Recognizing Individual Pioneers

During Minnesota's Sesquicentennial the pioneer recognition program allowed proud descendants to order either a plaque or a certificate to honor their Minnesota Norwegian Pioneer. Over 450 descendants of Statehood Pioneers (who lived in Minnesota when it became a state) and Century Pioneers (who lived in Minnesota before 1908) used the opportunity to honor their Norwegian ancestor.
Because of its popularity, a new edition of the Norwegian Pioneer Certificate is now available for descendants of Norwegians who lived in Minnesota prior to 1920.  The cost is just $10.  Click on the "Pioneer Certificate" link to learn more about it.

Also available on the website, our Sesquicentennial book, "Celebrating Our Norwegian-Minnesotan Heritage" is available for sale. Click on the "Heritage Book" link for more about the book and ordering information.

For more about the Sesquicentennial project, its participants and details about its activities, click on the "History of the Project" link.

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